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 clash lightning vs water

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PostSubject: clash lightning vs water   Sun Sep 04, 2011 8:57 am

figured id post something here to show im a live a little background then. Its a clash between two jinchuuriki the 6 tail (my char) and the 3 tail. ( friends and authors char) The 6 tail host is a lightning/magnetism user. The 3 tail posess a bloodline to that a friend made.
Sorry for bad spelling cuz i translated it my main language is swedish but i hope you will enjoy it and comment on it ^^

i only take credit for translating not writting this but translating it

Clash Lightning vs Water

It was as foggy as always in Kirigakure, although the weak spots of sun broke through the damp veil that for much of the time surrounded the village. Along one of the many streets were Raen, the village's second jinchuuriki whose ability to bring strategy and powerful elements given him the nickname Raishou [Lightning General]. A man who takes discipline and respect wherever he goes, which has led many who he meets along the way to avoid him, because no one wants to offend a jinchuuriki, especially one that has so many rumors about the cruelty of itself as Raen.

Naturally, it was all rumors only exaggerated, but there was some element of truth in it then Raen was incredibly cruel to his enemies and called dog ratio per discipline and loyalty from his men, which of course spurs the vicious rumors.
But they shied away and turned her gaze from him was not anything he took no notice of, he had grown up with it and instead he put a scarred hand to the door to Mizukagens office building.

Tori Kairi was her name, the young Mizukagen of Kirigakure, the woman who had the legendary sword Samehadain her possession and which was wrapped in black cloth behind her and leaned heavily against the wall. Kairi himself was a long and smooth muscular woman with tight blue-black clothing as guilty of the white coat, which indicated her duties as the village's shadow leader and hat hung on a slant on her chair.
For the moment, she looked down in a report while her tiger Eki was playing with a toy rat in the corner of the office. Eki was an orange little tiger cub who commit murder in the building and caused a lot of displeasure with their sharp claws, which all too often came in contact with the reports and the occasional shinobi's finger.

Gently pushed Kairi away the long light brown bangs and looked at a flower of blue glass that lay on her desk, a gift from Enmu when she became Mizukage three years ago. She loved that flower, really, it was so beautiful and detailed, almost magical as it seemed to spread a vague scent of flowers.
But it made her even to think of Suijin Enmu, who apparently seem to have fallen for her family's curse, just like his older brother Kuzame. Kairi never thought he would, have to know that one day he could become a dangerous enemy. He had attacked her, and it was not Enmu's eyes she saw, but something that more resembled the Kuzame once had. She escaped with only a scar over his shoulder, but four others had not been as fortunate and died from his horrific injuries.
They expected that she would call him as missing-nin, but yet she could not.
Why? She knew not certain, it was just painful to think about the idea. The always taciturn man who followed her shadow longer than she could imagine.

A slight sigh left her pale lips as she touched lightly on the flower with one hand and then leaned back in his chair and looked out towards the large window where the sun shone vaguely through the glittering mist that surrounded the village when it suddenly tapped on the door and Raen stepped inside. The man with the eye patch got right in my back and did a light females at the young woman.
"You wanted to see me Mizukage-sama?" he asked with a monotom and dry voice. Slowly Kairi turned in his chair and met the other's gaze while Eki clumsily slipped against Raen.

"Yes, I wanted to, Raen-san." she said quietly while Eki new attacked jinchuurikins laces. "This is Suijin Enmu."
How much she hated the idea, so it was something she could not longer defer to. They had to find and bring him back to the village, in every way.
Raen nodded slightly, enough, he knew everything anyone Suijin Enmu was, even though he knew him more as Suijin Ochido that most people in the village did. The second jinchuurikin and carriers of Ekiseigenkai, a person who Raen always suspected was going to go crazy as Kuzame.
"You want me to chase him down, Mizukage-sama?" he asked, and did not cook tiger cub with a flash and instead pushed it away with the umbrella before he let his gaze rest on the young woman who nodded slightly.
"Yes." She answered briefly while Eki shunted aside, but shame on him who gave himself. Instead tiger cub began to creep back towards Raen's shoelaces. A light creaking was heard from the chair when she said with a sigh, leaned back. "Suijiun Enmu possesses both bijuun Sanbi and Ekiseigenkai, which would be bad if it fell into enemy hands. Let them be peace now, but we can not risk Sanbi wind up in other, yet one of the village's blood lines."
"Dead or alive?" was the simple answer from Raen while he sent an electric shock into Eki who jumped into the air and ran to hide behind Kairi's desk.
"Live." she said firmly, and tapped his fingers on the desk. "We can not take and risk killing him bijuun can be free."
Since she did not want him to die there spot, he explained what happened to him. She wanted to see him in the eye and see if Enmu really was left, if she could hear the truth from his own lips. She needed to know.
Raen looked at the woman without a straight face. Live, it was unexpected when he himself has techniques to seal a bijuu, and she knew it, a safety, he trained in hands down someone tried to break his own bijuu-fuuinjutsu. "It's not just because, or how Mizukage-sama. You as well as I know it would be easier to kill him and omförsegla Sanbi and only bring in his body. But I hear and obey, I will get him back alive."
Kairi met Raen's eyes not turning at all. Others may be afraid of him and his abilities, especially bijuu, but Kairi was not one of them. After all, she spent years with Enmu and his bijuu and other atrocities were part of her life.
"Good." She answered and then sighed. "But if you think it is not going to hit him alive because he makes too much resistance, so you have the right to kill him."
Although I do not want those she thought to herself.
Raen nodded slightly and a hint of a smile appeared on his lips, but there was absolutely no feeling behind it.
"I understand Mizukage-sama. I'll go at once to me." he said and did a catchy females before he turned and walked out of the office. Reports from the recent past mentioning that Suijin Enmu last been seen in Kumo, and areas where around. If he could find him anywhere so it was there.
"Good." she murmured, and leaned back in his chair and pulled his hand through the light brown hair as she gently picked up Eki who immediately began to purr in her arms and looked at the flower on your desktop.

The fighting in Kumogakure had not been long but still had time to accomplish tremendous damage to the village and its people. Many had died, mainly civilians, even if they had tried to protect them.
But they were not good, not against the forces they had been fighting against.

After the storm there was silence, and after having restored many buildings he could and fastening back Akashira's legs again had Enmu retreated to a cave outside the village just to get the rest, he knew that Iwashi and Haineko would quickly find him if it was anything critical. But for now he wanted to just rest and he fell down to the cave wall and pulled the hood over his head and he managed to sleep only for a while.
There were no dreams, everything was black, an emptiness. Ever since he was hurt Kairi, killed their own and become obsessed with Kuzame and Sanbi he had not dreamed anything. He did not dare to have dreams, he did not want to give themselves hope for something he knew could not be true.

Suddenly snarled Sanbi guturalt something inside him, brought him out of the darkness as he disappeared into the ground and the wall when lightning struck where he had been left molten rock behind.
Slowly he rose up from the ground and looked at the back of a long broad-shouldered as he knew all too well again.
"Raen-san?" asked Enmu while a mask was formed over his face, something he always wore nowadays. The man turned slowly and looked at the other with an impassive gaze.
"Suijin 'Ochido' Enmu, you must return with me to Kirigakure, on the order of Mizukage-sama." he said and looked towards the other. He had hoped to meet with lightning to paralyze Enmu and only offense with him him back to Kirigakure, but it seemed as if Enmu was sensitive to their surroundings even when he was anesthetized.
"Mizukage-sama? Kairi-san?" Enmu mumbled and stared at the other jinchuurikin from Kirigakure.
"Yes. Ideally, she wanted you to be alive, but if you refuse, I have also ordered to kill you." said Raen indifferent, leaning lightly against the umbrella. For him, this was nothing more than a mission, like everyone else he's been on.
He had no feelings get in the way, unlike Mizukagen as expected with that is performing this order because of their own feelings. Although he had respect for her, it was the emotions that could one day lead to her own case, he knew it.
Enmu turned his gaze toward the floor. So it had come so far now, that he would be hunted like a criminal? He had not expected anything else, after all, he was nothing but a deranged killer.
"I understand." he answered quietly and black orange eyes met Raen's iron gray eyes. "But I can not return yet. Before I return, I have a mission to accomplish, and try to atone for my crime."
"Sona your crimes you will never be able to do Enmu, you murdered four people and how much you sonar, it will never give them life back to those families who lost them." replied Raen cold and in his eyes crept up a chilly disdain.
"I know, but I ---"
"No but Enmu." Raen slowly raised one hand and a light crackling could be heard from the fingertips when the ball suddenly began to hover over his hand. "The only way for you to atone for your crime is to die with the shame you spent. There is nobody in the village who want you in life Enmu, you are too dangerous."
With a flick of his hand flew four little balls at Enmu, with the power to penetrate the stone. At first I thought Raen that his words had been Enmu off balance and that the simple attack would take the other's life. It was as if the balls were water balloons hit a wall when they suddenly stopped up and was like water.
Enmu had moved at all, while the steel fell to the ground like the liquid it had been, and their eyes met again. Raen recognized those eyes, he had seen them in a man before.
"The third stage of Ekiseigenkai? It seems that you still too dangerous to live." Raen said as he examined his opponent. Not only that he was the younger brother of a galenman as Kuzame, but if he is also obsessed with his power and lots more thanks Sanbi, he was simply too dangerous.
"I can not die bow my mission is complete." replied Enmu while chakra seemed to take shape and flow of his body like water. How much he wanted to return to Kirigakure, to see Kairi at least one last time, he could not there yet.
"Then it seems that words are useless now that." said Raen while chakra began to crackle on his body, made himself the air electric. They both looked at each other in silence, not just their own auras began to be mixed ...

"You feel it too Iwashi-san?" Haineko looked to the redhead who yawned as he rubbed his hand over his eyes.
"Clearly, Ochi-chan and the one where the flash-jinchuurikin which unleashes hard." Iwashi said and grinned broadly. "But not like that. ~ I think, anyway."
"Do you not realize the danger of having two jinchuurikis fighting near the village? And not only that, they will drag us to those jinchuuriki hunters." said Haineko seriously and looked at the other with his off-white look.
"I know, I have already arranged with the matter. I have sent some experts put up a barrier, and yet they warn me if it goes completely out of hand so we put an end to it. So do not worry Haineko-chan, I have certainty under control, all-time. " Iwashi said, laughing lightly, and put one arm around the other's neck and got a sly look. "So, Neko-chan, how are Nobara-chan when you l ---"
A jyuuken face was silent on the redhead who was there after and bolted to the ground while the older grim ninja strode angrily forward.
While touched on the Go Tanuki, the Tanuki-five siblings who had assumed human forms as they borrowed from Iwashi's chakra, a technique that took large amount of Iwashi's own force was divided in the second.
"All right, to do this quickly and efficiently, so I will be here." Tupi said when the five stopped and pointed at the ground, a wiry figure with the long purple hair gathered into a ponytail and dressed in a simple kimono the color of the hair. His eyes were green as the other brothers as he looked against.
"Momo, you stand in the West." Momo, a long, smoothly muscled woman with haklångt tan hair with two control axes on the back and was dressed in shorts and a armlöst linen in red, nodded slightly as she adjusted his sunglasses. Tupi then looked towards Nuki, by far the biggest of them all five, and measured about two feet in human form, and seemed to be almost as wide with dirty brown pants and sleeveless vest on the thick body and brown mohawk who rose unnaturally high on the broad head .
"Nuki, taking the north and east Tiko takes." Tupi continued to gaze to the little girl in the group, with dark blue hair that hung freely and wore a beautiful kimono in blue with silver designs of gears and dragons. The big green eyes and nodded a slight giggle was heard from her when everyone turned and looked toward Piyo standing with straight legs but still was able to slam his face into the ground. He was taller than Nuki, but so thin that he seemed to be less than then, with spiky yellow hair and terrified faces in the guise of only a few illgula shorts.
"Piyo ... What are you doing?" Tupi had long lost hope that the younger brother would ever get its act together.
"I --- --- We'll Die: It is Jinchuurikis ---- --- Two!" whimpered the too tall and too lanky Piyo while he pounded his face into the ground.
"Therefore, you should be here, and be a messenger if anything happens, we have others to keep the barrier in place." said Tupi patiently and grabbed Piyo's neck under his arm and grinned slightly. "Rely on bro, we will arrange everything themselves!"
Piyo looked at the other and managed to squeeze out a small smile.
"O-okay nii-san."
"Good. You know what to do, let's go to Action!" called Tupi and everyone started moving to her the said items. Once in place, took all the five small rolls which they rolled out, crossed each other like small pentagram while they sat in the middle of the pentagram with your hands locked in a sign while they began to lead his chakra.
Kekkai: Shiki Gajou [Barricade Art: Four Seasons, The Inner Citadel]
Slowly a shimmering wall to rise, with each wall in different colors, while the four children sat still in his pentagram with his fingers locked in separate characters while Piyo was frightened back and forth.

The barrier did not go past the two jinchuurikis which however did not gaze of each other, they could not for the risk that the other would act in the moment when their concentration was broken.
Enmu was the one who acted, as he raised his hands and the ground around him were drawn together like still water, and became the multiple arms that went against Raen who stood quietly behind and raised one hand. Like cannon balls for the iron right through the arms that exploded in cascades of water, and revealed that the other was gone.
From the ground in front Raen for Enmu up with a huge sword in each hand and stabbed to cleave the other. This was a real battle, now on life and death.
A gurgling was heard from the other when the swords bite through, but before he fell to the ground disappeared the mangled body of a bunch of snails and Enmu felt a blow on the side of Raen who appeared beside him.
Shuurai [Lightning Strike]
It was a great lightning had hit in his side and hurled him through the air. But just as Raen proved Enmu be a clone who fell down like water. The ground suddenly exploded when the two jinchuurikis up in the air and Raen who was formerly on the surface disappeared in a pile of slimy slugs.
In the air, they began to move his hands, quickly lined up signs for signs to time before the other while the bijuu's tails whipping behind them, ferocious of the battle that they took part in.
Ekiton; Suigen Sansensa [Liquid Release; Mercury Trident]
Jiton; Kyousanken [Magnetic Release: Iron Curtain]
Enmu was faster this time, and from a small wound on his wrist, it was silver metal out and formed into a long trident as he threw quickly to Raen, which also surrounded a dense dome of magnetic iron sand to protect itself from attack. He had anticipated an attack and immediately set up a defense to counter with an attack, but when trident struck iron sand, it was all to the trident, which was like a magnet in the seconds they kept in touch. That was enough to suddenly a broader role to fly against Raen who put his hand to repel it, something he would have done with trident thought.
But nothing happened and he got to the art of turning to the cut only a light wound to his neck before the two landed on the ground.
"You changed the elements of broader role, and used a trident of mercury which is a good conductor of electricity and magnetism." said Raen and straightened his back while Enmu. "You grasp the situation well, I must admit. But you can not beat me Enmu."
Enmu did not answer but looked only at the other. How they fought so had Enmu greatest advantage of his bloodline and techniques, even if he did not extend to taking out a victory. He did not, whoever he fought against.

Slowly raise Raen hand and the sound of electricity was so much higher, like a huge roar when Rokubi's all six tails grew up behind the flash-General. They were an incredible amount of energy gathered in his hand, but seemed to disappear when he made it. Slowly, he lowered it and pointed it towards Enmu and opened his hand, where a small black dot was.
With a jolt may Enmu headlong against the other, the result of stone from the ground.
"... A magnet?" muttered Enmu while blood slowly Sipra out of his mouth when a sword of iron sand sticking through his body.
"The strongest there is." replied Raen and let the iron sand disappear while Enmu quickly jumped back and pressed her hand against the wounds that with an angry pain concluded. Their eyes met, and Raen raised his hand.
Suddenly Enmu's body like a pincushion with lots of sharp wire and tools sticking out of his body, impaled through his entire body from the inside.
"Iron Sand." explained Raen short while Enmu stacked backward and fell to the ground while the sand left his body in all its wounds and rallied in Raen's hand. "You had talent, Suijin Enmu, I admit it. But unfortunately I can not let you live."
Iron sand is turned into a small ball with spikes as he snapped away with his hand to crush Enmu's head. But it did not hit its target, Enmu was gone.
"Oi snail." Iwashi sat on a rock some distance in from scratched easily in one ear while a bottle of saké splashed in his other hand. Beside him lay Enmu while Yaizu landed next to him to immediately review his wounds, after due Haineko.
"Tatami Iwashi-san? What are you doing here?" A flash of surprise appeared in his one eye as he looked against the red-haired ninja who took a sip of booze and grinned with the broad.
"Drinking, added well?" A short laugh came from Iwashi who wagged his hand. "And some other stuff on the side. You know, a hobby."
"A hobby that involves more than powerful characters?" asked Raen stiff when he recognized Haineko since the war well.
"And then some. But the thing is that you can not kill or abduct Enmu bow we are ready Seru. After we have finished our mission, so you get two to make up again but we put ourselves in." Iwashi took another sip and looked toward Yaizu. "What is the situation with him?"
"He will survive, although he had many injuries, they were not killing." Yaizu said quietly, turning their eyes towards Raen. "You could have killed him, right?"
No response was heard from Raen, who leaned on the umbrella.
"He was not seriously either." "he answered briefly and looked toward Iwashi. "Both you and Enmu talking about a mission. Tell me more."
"Sure, sit down and I'll tell you. Is not a secret anymore." said the red-haired and grinning broadly while Raen nodded and threw a glance at the unconscious than Enmu. It seemed as if he had to change his opinion about the young man and maybe try to get him back to Kirigakure in life, after all, where Tori Kairi waited.
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clash lightning vs water
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