A Naruto RPG where you can RP as a canon character or make a custom one! Battle one another, find love, make your own organization, fight your way to the top! Anything is possible! It's your life.
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Welcome to Life of a Ninja!
Play as your favorite character, or create a custom one.
Don't like the storyline? That's okay. In the Off-RPG section your can create your own storyline.
If you don't feel like RPing long paragraphs, you can RP in the Role-play academy at any length you want. 
Be sure to read the rules before creating your character, then wait to be approved before you start to role-play.
Have fun!
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PostSubject: Characters    Sat Oct 16, 2010 6:32 am

Ok We admins can see ip remember that not following theese rules will lead to that your char is deleted without warning. Why theese rules cause making sure no one is making chars to just get all of the high level spots so to say and to make it easier on us admins to see activity.

A person is allowed 2 accounts to divide his char amongst

A person may have a maximum of 3 chars on site

A person may only have max 2 canons (so if they are canon or hokage/sannin they will also take up one of thoose spots)

A person may only have maximum 1 high ranked chars like hokage/ sannin (there wil be limitations on sannins thou and only in rare cases will it be something like an ex kage)

A person may have 1 anbu char (limited due to they supposed to be rare)

A person may have 2 jounins if they so wish
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