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Welcome to Life of a Ninja!
Play as your favorite character, or create a custom one.
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If you don't feel like RPing long paragraphs, you can RP in the Role-play academy at any length you want. 
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Have fun!
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 Kazu Hayabusa

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PostSubject: Kazu Hayabusa   Tue Oct 12, 2010 8:28 pm

Name: Kazu Hayabusa

Nickname: Dragon Anbu

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Rank: S Rank Missing Nin

Village: Konoha


Elements: Fire, Water



Strong Fist
Tekken/Strong Fist. This is the style of Taijutsu that is typically used by everybody while fighting. Hard punches and kicks designed to do outer damage, like breaking the skin, bruising the muscle, and breaking the bones. Every ninja is able to use this Taijutsu.


Magen - Kagai Supiritto Ooi no Jutsu
Rank A

(Demon's Illusion - Evil Spirit Shroud Skill) This causes the foe to imagine they are being surrounded by normal mist like in Kirigakure no Jutsu (Hidden Mist Technique) but that is only the beginning. They soon begin to feel as though the mist is closing in around them. Hands and arms start to encircle the person and appear to grab and wrap themselves around the opponent's body/limbs, making it harder and harder to breathe and/or unable to see anything else besides the mist. This sets up the shinobi for stronger attacks, yet it could also make weaker enemies pass out

Kekke Genkai: Dragon Adredaline: Due to the Dragon Blood within him from his clan, the user's eyes are slitted like a Dragons when ever they feel a rush of Adredaline in their body. Which causes their heartbeat increase 300 beats per minute, allowing them to react, attack, think, and move faster then normal in theirs oppenents perspective, but in the user can see attacks from a mile away

Personality: He is an extremely powerful ninja. The benefit of his training every single day,has allowed him to become more durable, faster, and stronger. He has indeed earned the title of "Dragon Ninja". Kazu is a master sword fighter, archer and martial artist. He's a cold person to everyone he knows, ruthless in battle and he dosent bother anything that dont interest him, has a strong sense of justice and zeal to fight stronger opponents are what he believes to drive him to carry out his destiny.He tends to not get along well with others and prefers to work alone

Appearance: Avatar

Bio: Childhood Arc: Kazu was born on Nov 14, he had both parents who was raising him well, until one day he found his father by the porch, wanting to speak with him he was really a kind hearted kid who always stayed positive no matter how tough it got, as he reached to his father before speaking to him, his father has went away for 3 years on a mission. As the years pass training vigorously with his gradnfather to harnest his first water element soon his father has returned, with a bright smile Kazu hugged him happy for him returning home safely.

Academy Arc: During this Arc, he is still the kind hearted kid from the Dragon clan, but he somewhat got more serious than he usually is. He was always top of his class, good grades, skills are good enough but he stills needs practice, after the academy he went to the library he found a book on the history of the Konoha. There was one that was named that kinda shocked him the name was Minato Namikage he was shocked of how he was the best ninja he ran home to his father hoping he would discuss him. As soon he mention his name his father's eyes smiled so big like he saw him himself or something, but soon after of pleading and begging his father finally told him the story of him. His father did wanted Kazu to be best he could to come close to his level, after a few weeks of training Kazu vowed and swore he would give it his all to be the best

Genin Arc: Long ago he was heading home from a 5 year trip to his aunt in the mist village, meanwhile a grueling attack was upon him. On the way back, his family was was injured by a unknown ninja traveling the opposite way from the village. After Kazu gets supicious of the unknown ninja, he arrives at his village greatly devestated where his clan was they later ended up in the hospital on the verge of death ,as he soon recovered , he discovers that the ninja world can be a very dangerous place. As Kazu was enraged by the injury his family had but none the less, he swears on his life he will find that rouge ninja for making him injured, so he can return the favor as a 16 year old Chunnin his life as the ultimate ninja begins

Missing: A few years later right after he became a Chunin and later became a Jounin, he is attacked by a unknown group, with a bijuu controlled by the Unknown forces known as the akatsuki, a rebel faction in the ninja war which he destroyed long ago. After Kazu gets hit by them, escaping he arrives at his village ,he discovers that it has been destroyed by another attack and that his grandfather has been killed. As Kazu was enraged he left the village disobeying the Hokage and the Mizukage orders without a saying knowing he became a S-rank rogue ninja without a care. After a year had past he became part of a group in the Mist assasination Corp in the mist. To take down the Akatsuki, from taking over the hidden villages, him as a Lieutant he awaits the first attack, he laters abandoned them seeing they wanted to control the all villages. He killed them without remorse, for his unknown reason, he leaves with his sword on his back travelling the ninja world to help all of those who are in need
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PostSubject: Re: Kazu Hayabusa   Sun Oct 17, 2010 2:05 am

remove the links thats hidden in text to other site and ill approve it
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Kazu Hayabusa
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