A Naruto RPG where you can RP as a canon character or make a custom one! Battle one another, find love, make your own organization, fight your way to the top! Anything is possible! It's your life.
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Welcome to Life of a Ninja!
Play as your favorite character, or create a custom one.
Don't like the storyline? That's okay. In the Off-RPG section your can create your own storyline.
If you don't feel like RPing long paragraphs, you can RP in the Role-play academy at any length you want. 
Be sure to read the rules before creating your character, then wait to be approved before you start to role-play.
Have fun!
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 Character Template

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PostSubject: Character Template   Wed Oct 06, 2010 2:25 pm

General Information
Name: (Your characters name, first then last)
Age: (Your characters age)
Gender: (Your characters gender)
Rank: (Your characters rank. You're allowed to have one custom character as any rank, but the rest must be genin or below.)
Village: (Your characters current village)
Looks: (Place a Picture here, or at least a paragraph description of your character)

Personal Information
Personality: ( How your character acts toward other people)
Likes: (What your character likes)
Dislikes: (What your character dislikes)
Fears: (What your character is afraid of)
Sexual Orientation: (Bi/Gay/Straight)
Relationship Status: (Single/Taken/Crushing/Married/Heartbroken/Not Looking)
Elements: (What elements your character has. Only two.)

Weapon Information
(Everyone Starts out with a normal Genin Set with Kunai's, Senbon's, Shurikens, Medical Salve, and Normal First Aid Supplies.)

Jutsu Information
(Genin Are allowed 4 Jutsu at the begining, Chuunin are allowed 6 Jutsu at the beginning, Academy Level Jutsu is a Gimmie, so you don't require to list those. Canon's can have as many as the character has.)

(List Ninjutsu Here)

(List Genjutsu here)

(List Taijutsu Abilities)

(List Fuinjutsu here)

(List Kinjutsu Here)

Bloodline Information
(Every Original has the ability to receive a blood line, bloodlines you need to describe full out and all its strengths and weaknesses. Along side the Blood Line you get to start out with 3 Jutsu for Genin and 5 Jutsu for Chuunin special to only that bloodline, If your Bloodline involves copying it would be advised to keep some slots open as these slots will be used for copying jutsu as well.")

Blood Line Information:

[Bloodline Jutsu]
(List you Bloodline Jutsu here)

History and RP Sample
History: (Your character's history. It must be at least two paragraphs.)
RP Sample: (A sample of how you NORMALLY RP. Don't make it extra long just for the app and then not RP much later.)

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Character Template
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