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 Hyuuga Yaizus equipment and weapon

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PostSubject: Hyuuga Yaizus equipment and weapon   Fri Jul 09, 2010 1:40 pm

Yaizus equipment ( the stuff that not a part of the basic ninja gear)

Hateshinai kaen Tags

Looks: A special Sealing Tag roughly 6 inches long by two inches wide. The paper has the texture of ancient parchement though is rather thin. It’s an off white color with sealing scripts placed on marked on both sides of the paper, surrounding a large central kanji for Seal The markings are usually in red ink though this is not a necessity.

Capabilities: a Special tag holding on average 50 exploding tags sealed away within, these exploding tags are slightly weaker than the normal ones, but not much so. Once blood is placed on said tag and the proper hand seal is performed, all exploding tags sealed within will be released in a torrent which can last several seconds. Each of the exploding tags will begin detonation 2 to 3 seconds after being unsealed this allowing to Yaizu to cause a flurry of explosions covering an area up to 50 feet wide from the Sealing tag that can prove deadly if a person finds himself in the center of this with no protection. Best used against unexpecting foes, this can prove both surprising and destructive

Story: This item was actually just a container for tags but during a mission when Yaizus team needed a distraction so they could sneak in yaizu cot the brilliant idea to make this scroll a few modifications on the original storage seal and this tag was created however they are slightly weaker than the original ones but not really that noticible

Smoke Bomb
Looks: The looks of it are very simple, it’s little more than a ball of brown rough paper mache molded into a near perfect sphere. These balls are roughly 2” in circumference. The inner core, roughly ½” wide being hollow and holding the super condensed smoke. This smoke is condensed to such degree through the use of seals, which, upon impact, rupture and release the smoke.

Capabilities: These particular smole bombs hold a rather large amount of condensed smoke that when released can cover an area 20 feet wide with smoke dense enough to completely obscure ones vision within that area. The smoke bomb also allows for special applications. By Infusing Chakra into the ball before throwing it, the smoke itself with be infused with said chakra and carry it out with it when released, saturating the area and thus creating a screen of chakra to block those capable of sensing Chakra from sensing Yaizu within

Story: There isn't much to say regarding the history of this Item, being based on a common Ninja tool, Yaizu has simply made a more intense version releasing more smoke than the usual one. Making these herself through the use of sevelra seals mixed into paper mache.

Toxic bomb
Looks: The looks of it are very simple, this being a simple ball shaped item made of a unique waxy substance molded into a near perfect sphere. These balls are roughly 1 1/2” in circumference, a liquid silver in color and slightly translucent, these balls outer shells are a relatively thin (1/8th thick) and somewhat soft and mushy membrane, yet the surface is extremely resilient and is exceedingly unlikely to ever rupture accidentally. The insides is filled with a liquid which turns into a gas the moment it comes in contact with air.

Capabilities: These spheres contain a liquid particular liquid concoction which, when coming into contact with air, immediately turns into a gas neurotoxin than is intended to incapacitate an opponent, rendering them paralyzed. Though the outer shell of these sphere is malleable, it is also extremely enduring and is extremely difficult to break unless chakra is infused into it. This chakra need only be slight, but once infused the slightest impact will be significant to rupture it, and is thus required before throwing the item. when this sphere detonates this toxin will be delivered to an area roughly 10 feet wide. A single small inhalation of this toxin is all it takes to incapacitate an opponent near instantly, leaving little to no time to counter it if inhaled.
Poison in the bomb: Paralises the victim after being inhaled, All it takes is a single intake of this poison to cause the victim to go numb and finally fall limp and unable to move. The poison itself can be counteres easily enough if treated by a medic, its a rather common toxin that a medic should be able to treat if equipped to deal with poison, though it would still take up to three posts for the victim to gain full mobility and feeling again. If untreated the poison will wear off on its own within the hour (after the fight for all intents and purposes)

The victim should begin to feel the effects by her/his next post, in example its a her ^^

By 1st post poison is distrubated victim start feel effect if inhale it

By her 2nd post she should be feeling the effects more intensely, her legs should be buckling, movement of the extremities such as finger and toes becomes more difficult, making hand signs harder to pull off, and running at full speed more difficult. She should be in part struggling to fight in any efficient way.

By the 3rd post the victim should be barely able to move, having difficulty to just stand, most certainly no longer able to form hand signs or any actions requiring any kind of fine movement. Running is no longer an issue, neither should any form of taijutsu, the victim is now just barely able to move at this point and their body is near completely numb.

By the 4th post the full effects of this poison should be felt and the victim should now be helpless on the ground.

Story: This isn't really much of a story as to how Yaizu came to have this poison, it's a relatively common one and one any Shinobi would be able to get a hold of, Yaizu himself learned how to make it from Konoha library while he was making research on poisons and antidotes. However he has made a few minor alterations to give it his own touch but nothing complicated. The poison is made using various common fire country plants and thus also quite easy to make. The variations Yaizu has done is the inclusion of a product given to him by the mountain Hawks, used in the making of their own poisons, it renders the gas odorless, thus making it harder for the victim to know if they have actually breathed it in or not.

Baku shō-kunai
Looks: A set of extremely sharp smaller Kunai knives specifically commissioned by Yaizu, these particular Kunai knives are designed primarily as throwing knives, each Knives measure only 6 1/2" overall Length of stailess steel and are surprisingly light even for their size. These knives are entirely black colored except the sharpened edges (which are silvery metallic in color.) The handles of each throwing Kunai is wrap with Black nylon cloth that protects the hand and give it a firm grip, this cloth also hides the Kanji inscriptions engraved into the metal beneath them.

Capabilities: Though these particular Kunai knives can serves quite effectively as hand held weapons, they are primarily and specifically designed for throwing. Of light weight yet tough and strong, they are both resilent weapons and extremely practical, used similarly to shuriken, they are much more aerodynamic and faster to their targets than conventional Kunai, often surprising victims with how fast they travel. Yaizu has near perfect accuracy and effectiveness with these within a range of roughly 60 to 100 feet with these, (though of course he can throw them much further). There is however more to these, recognizing the need for extra punch, these Kunai are marked with sets of Kanji that when infused with a slight amont of Chakra become exploding seals, either detonated on impact or upon the performance of the proper single handed seal as would exploding tags and deliver a similar payload and explosion.

Story: It was in recognition of his weakness with long range attacks that Yaizu designed these weapons. The use of Kunai with exploding tags attached to them is a common practice among Shinobi, but often these tags are easily noticed by foes, prompting them to take proper precautions. This played a large role in how Yaizu designed these knives, specifically incorporating the exploding seal directly onto the knife and hiding it under the nylon wrappings around the handle. By doing this he hoped to catch foes off guard and unexpecting, increasing his odds of catching them in the explosion even as his foes dodge the knife itself. The ability to deploy and launch destructive attacks such as are made possible with these kunai is of great asset to him.

Hawk Talon shurikens
Looks: This special Shuriken, Consists of six Hawk Talon shaped Blades, each blade fold into the central disk section when stowed away but are deployed through a quick jerk of the hand when about to be used. The center piece is disk like and 4 inches wide by 1 inch thick, each blade is 12 inches long and deadly sharp. Though appearing as stainless steel, the exact type of metal used to make this weapon is unknown to any other then the Hawks themselves.

Capabilities: A special Chakra Channeling Shuriken given to Yaizu by the Hawks of Raptors Peak. Though the material used to create this weapon is unknown to any other than the Hawks of Raptor’s Peak it clearly channels chakra. By channeling chakra into it this weapons already deadly sharp blades become even more so, granting them greater cutting and penetrating power. All Yaizu has to do is infuse a small amount of his Chakra into the weapon and it’s cutting surfaces become far more deadly, easily cutting through steel or stone as if butter.

This shuriken is meant to be thrown in a particular manner, it acts very much like a boomerang, cutting through what it was intended to with such ease so as to not even slow down, rather continuing and returning to Yaizu’s hand.

Yaizu usually wears the item on his belt as if a decorative piece, or keeps is elsewhere

Story: Given to him as a Gift by the Hawks. Apparently the item was created using the knowledge for the Thelas Monks Library, but Yaizu does not know for sure, he has however come to use this item regularly, becoming an important piece of his arsenal. he always has it with him and has become quite skilled with it in battle.

Raptor’s Bracer - Raptor’s Shoulder Guard
Description https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/img8/1797/mr200582koeniglichearms.jpg
Looks: This is an armor set made up of a single bracer made to be worn on Yaizu's left arm, and a single shoulder guard to be worn on his left shoulder. (There are matching Right side items but these are not worn by Yaizu except on special occasions) Both items are tight fitting and of little bulk, they could easily be concealed under a loose shirt if he so chose, but provide excellent protection and are extremely maneuverable, thus little affecting his mobility if at all. Both the Bracer and shoulder guard are made from a metal and leather construction, and are designed to work a long each other (but can be worn seperately). The leather itself is of harness quality, and layered steel plates are applied on top. Said metal is embossed in a feather pattern as a symbol of their crafters, namely the Hawks of Raptor’s peak. . The metal buckles and leather straps fastening the handcrafted pieces of armor securely around one’s forearm, shoulder and upper portion of the upper arm.

Capabilities: The principle purpose of these items was to permit Yaizu to safely allow one of his Hawks to land upon his arm or shoulder without the creature’s powerful talons harming him. That said the armor was crafted as fully functional and provides superp protections. The metal used is the same as the one used to craft Yaizu’s Hawk Talon Shurikens and is unique one to Raptor’s peak. It has the special property of channeling Chakra, and thus can be reinforced with Chakra to enhance its protective properties greatly making it nearly impervious to mundane weapons (though obviously the force of a blow would still hit him dead on, even if the metal of the armor withstood it unscathed), and highly resistant to chakra enhanced weaponry.

Story: These items were given to Yaizu as gifts upon his achievement of Keihatsu by the hawks of Raptor’s Peak, It was with their help that he was able to achieve that state and the armor pieces represent a symbol of their recognition of this achievement as well as the bond he holds with them. Forged from metals found only on Raptor’s peak, these items were built following designs from the armor used by the first human to sign the summoning contract of these particular Birds of Prey, and demonstrate Yaizu’s status among them

Retrieval Scroll
Description: https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/img4/2065/summoningscrollandring.jpg
Looks: A special scroll carried by Yaizu. It measures 8 inches wide by 4 feet in length when opened. Closed it is just under 2 inches in thickness. It’s exterior protective sheathing is a blue hued silver while the inside is white. Across the length of is inner sheeting are marked a series of incantations that cover the entirety of the inner white sheet with the exception of the central part of the sheet, which is reserved for the 6 inch wide Kanji 傳 (retrieve)..

Capabilities: This particular scroll is one created so as to be readily available for use with Yaizu's “Gyaku Kuchiyose no Fuuin” technique, saving her the need to mark a scroll on the spot before being able to perform the technique. With it, and after performing the proper 3 hand seals, all he will need to do is place his hand onto the central Kanji and inject chakra into it to enact the jutsu, summoning forth a previously marked individual to him.

Needless to say the scroll can be replaced and is regularly so, requiring only that Yaizu scribe the proper incantations and seal upon a new scroll. He normally carried a single one of these scrolls with him at all times.

Story: Created to be used along with her “Gyaku Kuchiyose no Fuuin” technique, Yaizu first began making such scroll shortly after developing that technique and has perfected it’s fabrication over time, managing to reduce the size of the scroll to an easily carryable size. Normally always having one in his possession, they are designed to be easily transported and easily used. he hopes to one day be able to make them even smaller and able to be used on kunais just like the third hokages jutsu
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PostSubject: Re: Hyuuga Yaizus equipment and weapon   Fri Jul 09, 2010 6:42 pm

Approved unless someone say otherwise
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Hyuuga Yaizus equipment and weapon
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