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 Hyuuga Yaizu (Custom)

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PostSubject: Hyuuga Yaizu (Custom)   Thu Mar 18, 2010 1:08 pm

Charter facts

•He is an albino doctors say if he wasn’t born with the byakugan, he would have been blind.

•While wearing the eye-cover, Yaizus vision would equal that of a normal byakugan user. (when they have byakugan activated)

•People who don’t know Yaizu often think he’s blind because of the band over his eyes. And the fact that he doesn’t even turn his head when he is spoken to (he doesn’t need to because of the byakugan)

•Because of his advanced byakugan Yaizu cannot use elemental jutsus

Name: Hyuuga Yaizu
Age: 24
Gender: male
Clan: Hyuuga
Village: Konoha
Rank: Anbu captain / medic ninja
Chakra: Non elemental chakra

Bloodline: Byakugan
Byakugan is the blood inheritance limit of the Hyuuga Clan. The Hyuuga clan was one of the founding noble families of Leaf village. The clan itself is said to be the ancestors of the Uchiha clan who possess the bloodline of the Sharingan eye. When the "Byakugan" is activated, the clan member gains an extra-sensory perception, which gives them penetrating sight and telescopic vision.

This allows them to see the tenketsu; the internal chakra coils system 361 pressure points. This vision also grants the member a near 360° view of their surroundings, the higher the skill of the clan member, the further the distance from which they can sense incoming attacks. Unfortunately the vision does have a weakness, a small blind spot that extends outwards from the vertebra of the upper back.

The clan uses this ability in conjunction with their own chakra creating the Juuken (gentle fist) fighting style. The clan member can use their fingers or palms to emit chakra to flow into their opponents body's at the tenketsu points. When the hand draws close enough to strike, the clan member can stop or increase their opponent’s chakra flow. The internal chakra coils which spread throughout the body also wrap around the internal chakra producing organs. So if the internal coils are attacked, it also damages these internal organs.

Because a ninja can not train their internal body, such damage can be a critical hit for even a highly skilled ninja. The tenketsu serve as the connectors and exit points for the chakra pathways. So when they are stopped by the Hyuuga clan member, the ninja greatly loses his or her ability to utilize their chakra for jutsu

Yaizus Advanced byakugan
Yaizus detection accuracy is exact, perceiving the slightest movement, temperature change, chakra shift etc
His depth of accuracy and focus is similarly very precise, able to not only see Tenketsus clearly and perfectly, but the very Chakra natures emitted from them. He can also see almost exactly how much chakra they have (its harder if they have a bijuu) he can see residual Chakra in an area where Jutsu have been used within the past few days, he can even see residual chakra from a person having passed through an area even several hours after the fact. He can discern Temperature variances down to a fraction of a degree in difference from anywhere within his detection range.

Physical Prowess and Abilities

Speed: It is no lie to say that yaizu is on of the fastest shinobi in all of konogakure. Even compared with shinobi from outside of the Land of fire Yaizu is exceptionally fast.
Two words can perfectly describe Yaizu’s lifelong focus in regards to his physical training, speed and precision, and in both, Yaizu excels greatly. Specifically regarding speed, everything from Yaizu’s earliest training to his style of Jyuuken to utilizing the clan’s advanced Chakra control and the superior perception of his advanced Byakugan to press the body beyond what would normally be possible to the use of his chakra to enhance his physical attributes, to the training in saru tentei no goken, to his now newly found “Keihatsu”, all of it has allowed him to reach the level he has now. At Jounin he was regarded as one of the fastest Ninjas alive. Now S ranked, he is among the fastest ninjas that has ever lived, stepping onto a tier normally reserved for legends and myths.

Agility and Dexterity: Agility and Acrobatics has become a key ingredient to Yaizu’s combat style, and they have always been a part of his own physical skills. Since a young age, he has been attracted towards and greatly interested in the physical arts such as Taijutsu, and gymnastics. All of these have been a part of his life and training regime. Through training in these different fields Yaizu has developed a high level of agility, dexterity and flexibility, allowing him to perform great acrobatic feats, as well makes sharp turns and spins without disturbing his sense of balance. His balance sense is amazing, as his medical knowledge permits him to understand how the organ of balance works, allowing him not to drop his stance or get dizzy often. Yaizu is also ambidexterious wich means that he is equally good no matter what hand hes using.

Strength: Yaizu's strength is considered average for his size in terms of strength. Being 6’1” tall and weighing just about 160 lbs, physical strength isn’t exactly his strong suit. In Fact it was for this very reason that his father trained him in speed instead of strength knowing that his son would be at a strength disadvantage in a fight against a full grown man that weighing more than him. Yaizu knows his strikes and blows won’t have the same “punch” as other males. So instead he focuses on damaging the internal or soft areas of his opponent’s body.

Endurance: Endurance has been yaizu’s greatest physical weakness, though he has great stamina, his style focusing so greatly on avoiding being hit, meant he never much put emphasis on enduring physical damage and trauma. This has recently changed quite a bit thanks to keihatsu and his training in saru tentei no goken In no other area has Yaizu demonstrated as much improvement and change. Yaizu’s Inner balance grants him remarkable inhuman stamina, allowing him to keep going even as his peers fall from exhaustion, often making him appear as nearly inexhaustible. His ability to endure hardship and pain is also greatly enhanced as is his ability to fight on despite pain or injury. Yaizu’s immune system is also greatly enhanced, giving him great resistance and resilience. These along with his training in “Saru Tentei no Goken” have greatly increased his stamina and ability to endure and fight through both pain and physical exhaustion, even beyond physical failure


Capacity: In terms of Chakra Capacity, Yaizu was originally considered a genius for his age and Rank, demonstrating greater supply of chakra than normal. And, thanks to his Summoning Hawks (and the spiritual connection Hawks are said to have in mysticism), teaching him meditation techniques and training exercises, Yaizu has since come to increase his Chakra reserve significantly, doubling his original capacity. And now thanks to The “Keihatsu” level of Yaizu’s Shinsenjutsu that has had many remarkable effects on him, among them being the doubling of his Chakra pool, granting him double the average for his rank. As significant as that might be, the most outstanding quality of his chakra reserves and capacity is the rate at which his chakra replenishes itself meaning that his chakra stamina is extraordinary. This also means that unless he is careless in his use, he is unlikely to run out of chakra in a fight.

Control: Chakra control is where yaizu truly excels, even among the Hyuuga, a clan renowned for their Chakra control, he is considered a prodigy. He can precisely control his inner Chakra flow, increasing or decreasing the rate of flow at will. He can release Chakra from any and all Tenketsus in his body, either individually or simultaneously. He can force his Chakra to flow in desired methods and sense when it’s flow is abnormal. This allows him to not waist a bit of chakra whatsoever in his techniques. Furthermore, he has an intimate understanding of his own chakra system, and those of others, gaining medical skill enough to even repair the chakra network. He can even force his own Tenketsu open and closed without having to touch them.

Ninja Arts

Taijutsu: Yaizu is a Taijutsu master through and through. Yaizu’s range and knowledge in the physical combat arts is both extensive and diverse. This knowledge, when combined with his incredible speed, impressive flexibility and pinpoint precision make of him a most terrifying and deadly Taijutsu fighter and close range specialist. Truly, taking him on in close range is extremely perilous and ill advised.

Ninjutsu: Though his understanding of Ninjutsu and hand seals is extensive, his practical knowledge in Ninjutsu is less so. By no means unskilled, it is simply that ninjutsu was not his primary focus. Still, with the aid of his impressive Chakra control and the use of Shadow Clones, he has managed to learn to use his chakra very effectively. Primarily however, his skill in Ninjutsu centers around his Summons techniques and medical jutsus. and latly around barrier and binding jutsus.

Genjutsu: Genjutsu is perhaps yaizu's weakest area. His own preferences lying in more direct and physical means, and his own resistance to genjutsu due to his Byakugan and advanced Chakra control, he has simply never put much effort into learning such techniques. None the less, he has managed to learn a few illusory techniques, well suited to complement his own combat style.

Fuuinjutsu: It started out as more of a hobby but now he has become extensively knowledgeable in and skilled in its use. Fuuinjutsu has become one of Yaizu’s favored arts and one he has quickly become expert with. Focusing primarily on symbolism and warding methods, Yaizu has even developed a sub branch of fuuinjutsu art of his own.

Other Skills

Medical Training: Yaizu first began receiving medical training at the age of 7 under the guidance of his mother. It became clear early that he was a very skilled medic due to his chakra control and byakugan. At the age of 14 he was already classed as one of the best medical ninjas in konoha. Since then his skills have increased and he have developed a lot of personal medical jutsus. His still considered one of the best medical ninjas in konoha and even in some of the other countries.

Sōjutsu – Art of the Spear: Weapons training has always been secondary in regards to Martial Arts training for Yaizu, but a part of it none the less, certain weapons types have received considerably more attention and effort from Yaizu, most particularly the spear. Ever since receiving his Ama-no-Nuboko spear from the Hawks of Raptor’s Peak, he had dedicated both time and effort to master it’s use. Now with years of training and effort, he has become both very skilled and proficient in the use of this weapon type, when combined with his extraordinary speed, pinpoint precision and remarkable reflexes; he is quite deadly and formidable.

Kekkai & bakudo – barrier and binding jutsus: This is an area he beginned to study almost at the same time he begun to study fuuinjutsus. It has proven itself very useful as means to defend teammates and capture fugutives alive.

Personal information

Appearance: Yaizu has a petite frame being only 6’1” tall and weighing just about 160 lbs and have long white hair tied back into a ponytail. His forehead protector, instead of on his forehead, is actually covering his eyes. However, he can see perfectly due to his Byakugan. In the rare situation that his eyes are uncovered, they look pure white, as if he were blind.

Due to the fact that he’s not much for showing emotions, his expression doesn’t vary much from a standard smile. The exception might be when he’s talking to girls then there is a chance that he blushes

Height: 6'1" (186cm)
Weight: 160 lbs (73kg)

Clothing: outfits from left to right
The first outfit to is what he wear when he’s in the village and is of duty however when he wanders the world on his own personal errands the forehead protector is replaced with a visor that forms after his eyes and face and covers his byakugan when wearing this outfit out of village Yaizu often pretends to be blind.

The second outfit is his ninja outfit when he goes on mission and such he wears this one as u can see the sleeves on it are short so it won’t be in the way if he uses his taijutsu. Not to mention the pouches he keeps his ninja equipment in. when wearing this outfit the forehead protector also covers his eyes making it easy to see what village he’s from.

The third one is his outfit when he works in the hospital nothing special or fancy about this one just a plain medical coat. However on the inside it have a lot of secret pockets filled with different tags just incase a battle would break out in the hospital.

The fourth one is his anbu outfit he wears when doing missions with his anbu team or at anbu level. a west the sword on his back the bracelets on his wrists and a lot of pouches containing things that could be useful during a mission. Not to forget his mask Yaizu’s anbu mask is a striped fox. This outfit he rarely use these days due to him not being sent on as many anbu missions as he used to be

Tattto/ scars: No scars but he have a special seal tattoo on his upper back thats invisible until activated. however his clothes hides it so not many have seen it the few times he have had to activate it.

Personality: He is polite, soft-spoken and an intellectual - this is because of his childhood. Before he got used to his handicap he was a lone wolf. When the other kids were playing games, he was either at home studying or playing board games like shogi or chess with the adults of his clan.

Because of this he learned that it was important to plan things out beforehand and to always think a few steps ahead of your opponent. He never shows any sign of alarm or distress and keeps calm in the harshest and toughest situations even if things not going according to his plans. That is because he is quick to adapt to situations that aren’t according to his plans.

He is jealous of others who can see the world normally. Imagine seeing the world as chakra, rather than color. Imagine seeing chakra disappear every time when someone dies. This is how he sees the world

Due to the fact that he was – and still is – a lone wolf, he is very introverted. He is also shy around members of the opposite sex. However, because he hides his emotions at all times, few people are aware of his shyness

Both of his parents are from the hyuuga clan his mother was from main branch and his father from the other one. Which might explain his byakugan? It was immediately apparent upon his birth that Yaizu was not a normal child. He was born with white hair, pale skin and no irises. The medics believed him to be ill and feared he would be blind. But it was soon evident that Yaizu was in excellent health and could not only see, but was born with an advanced Byakugan -- twice as powerful and always activated. There was a lot of discussion about if they should give him the cursed seal or not some argued for because of his advanced byakugan it would be more horrible if that would fall into the wrong hands than the normal one. His mother stopped this argumentation by saying that her son was a main branch member and that she would not accept anymore discussions in that matter.
Unfortunately, once Yaizu became a toddler (5 years), it had become clear that this advanced Byakugan was more of a disability. His vision is so accurate that he has to wear a lead-lined blindfold to make sight remotely tolerable. Because of that it took him another 2 extra years before his Father, a Leaf Jounin and member of ANBU and Taijutsu specialist by the name of Hyuuga Satsuya, would begin training him in the ways of Jyuuken from the age of 7. Now when yaizu had become used to his byakugan the art fascinated him, he put all his efforts into learning it and honing his skills, and most of his free time was spent practicing. His father, protective, was weary of seeing his son becoming a Shinobi, but seeing the attraction the whole thing held for his son he knew he would choose the path, so he would take a large role in his training and would spend much time having him hone his Byakugan as well as heavily emphasize speed training for him. His mother also trained him not in the art of combat but instead in the arts of a medical ninja Yaizu proved to have a natural ability for that and advanced quickly in that area.

Yaizu would at the age of 10 join the academy, that day had been the most exiting that he could remember. Unfortunately for him, his father passed away a few weeks later, falling while on a mission. His sword was given to the Family, Yaizu has had it ever since and has since worn it on his back as his own as a part of his anbu gear. The loss was difficult for him and pushed him even further to become the best Ninja he could, he would make his father proud. His mother however suffering the loss of her husband and fearing that his son growing to be a Ninja might result in his loss as well pulled yaizu out of the academy in his first year. Eventually however, in part due to pressure from the clan, and due to Yaizu's own unhappiness, she would come to change her stance, allowing Yaizu to return to the academy the following year.

During that year away from the Academy, Yaizus uncle, a skilled Jyuuken master himself, would take over his training. He would achieve impressive skill for his age, and would come to possess impressive speed. By the time he returned to the Academy his abilities in Taijutsu were the best in his class. And even in some of the classes above him. His mother also kept training him to become a medic hoping that he would like it so much he gave up his attempts to become a ninja and anbu like his father

Genin Years
Yaizu graduated from the Academy at the age of 13, having passed all the courses and tests in only 2 years time. He would turn 14 a few month later. His first team assignment did not last long, after one of the Genin departed with his family away from Konoha, and the second fell severely ill. He would spend several weeks awaiting a new assignment, spending his time training. Finally He would be assigned to Team kouza, under the tutelage of koharu. There along with his team mates he would come to learn much. As well as the training he received from his Sensei, Yaizu continued to study under his Uncle learning more about Jyuuken.

It was early on that he would be assigned to a mission to Snow country to protect the soon to be queen of that nation along with several other Shinobi, including Chia Nara and Ame yokawa the other two in team kouza. That mission was his first time heading out of Fire country however the mission proved more dangerous than expected because the ones that wanted to see the queen dead had hire several ninjas from several other countries to assasinate her and kill the ninjas from konoha that was sent to protect her. many ninjas died however thanks to yaizus medical skills non from konoha died and he also managed to save many of the snow country ninjas that helped them protect the queen. he got many compliments from the older and more experienced ninjas from konoha and they suggested that he should make the test to become a anbu medical ninja.

When they got back from that mission Yaizu followed the other ninjas suggestion and would sign up and receive the approval to take the ANBU medical Ninja testing. Which he succeeded after undergoing a rather arduous test along with a number of other hopefuls. Having become an ANBU Med Nin, he began training and learning more advanced medical techniques, he quickly became a very skilled field medic and was considered a prodigy in that area and one of the most skilled medics in konoha and even in some other countries of course this made his mother proud since that was what she had wanted all along. the squad that he got assigned to was known to never fail a mission. He was also known as one of the youngest ninjas ever to beome an anbu not even earing his spot as a chuunin yet. the upcoming month yaizus schedual was really full first he trained with his uncle in the morning after that going on a few missions with his team and after that with anbu team he had been assigned to. It was though but somehow he managed and he got approved by the anbu medics and his schedual became a little easier he was still out of konoha alot because he went on missions with both anbu and team kouza

However when he turned 14 he left the village with the kages permission to train on his own and take a little break. Relaxing after the tough training scheduale he had gone through the past year and train in his own phase
During the fall months, he trained in the forests of Fire country, Yaizu found a scroll containing the summoning contract with the hawks. Shortly after he had found it a hawk appeared demanding him to give it to him. Yaizu noticed that the hawk was wounded and offered to heal the wound before the hawk would fly back with the scroll. That kindness was what made him receive the rare honor in receiving permission from the great mountain hawks to sign a contract with them that would allow him to summon them.

Yaizu would finally undertake his Chunnin exam at the age of 15 older than most other taking it the first part of the exam put him in the forest in a preset scenario where he had to rescue fellow Chunnin hopefuls without access to his more powerful abilities. In the end he succeeded in his rescue attempt using nothing but basic Academy jutsus. Yaizu, having passed this part of the exam earning the first seed, skipped the first round of the Fighting portion of the exams. He would fight his first match in the second round to a draw against the young Meira, earning passage into the third round where he went up against two opponents simultaneously in a three way match between himself, kousi and Sadao. He would be the victor of this three way confrontation, confirming his first spot in that year's crop. Having passed the exams, he would finally be granted the rank of Chunnin at the age of 15.

Chunnin Years
The following few weeks he would go with his uncle’s to train in new techniques, giving him access to many new directions with Jyuuken. He would then head out of the Village to learn on his own. It would be several months before he would return to once again take his place serving Konoha. During this departure Yaizu would visit his Summoning Hawk’s home and study under them for a time he was also given the Ama-no-Nuboko (The heavenly Jeweled Spear) while visiting them, He would then head out to experience the world and find his place in it.

Yaizu would come to the aid of an old friend shortly after his return to Konoha, volunteering to partake in an expedition to rescue one of his friends fellow clan mates, an expedition that would take them to Oto to fight a terrible monstrosity created from the experiments in that village. Shortly after returning he did the tests to become jounin and passed as best of his class. he would also retake his place as a medic ninja in his old anbu group wich made alot of his old anbu teammates happy.

Jounin years
6 months after turning 16, Yaizu's mother would fall severely ill, through the next several months her condition would only worsen until finally Yaizu, though he still hoped his mother would recover, was forced to admit that she would not. Taking the next few months off to tend to her, his Mother would finally pass away in the late summer months. With both his parents gone, he was alone; his uncle would step in as he had when his father had passed away. During theese months he also learned alot about his own clan the hyuugas and dident like what he did see, that the main branch was the branch was the only one worht something how brothers could be seperated just because the clans stupid rules. needing some time of to grief his mother and to melt what he had just seen about his own clan he asked for the kages permission to leave the village once again. he got it and once again he left the village.

Seeking to change the Hyuuga Yaizu would return to his Hawks home for a period to once again study with them, away from all that reminded him of Konoha. He would return a few weeks later to be sent on a mission with an anbu squad to retrieve a since long stolen secret Konoha scroll. The mission would take them to Kumo where they were drawn into a family and clan dispute, forcing them to face more than they had expected. They succeed and finally on returning to Konoha. with a lot of recommendations from the other in the anbu team Yaizu was given his own anbu squad and made captain. A lot of ninjas from his old anbu squad requested permission to change team and became a part of Yaizus squad. And that’s what he still doing besides medical ninja duties.

Recently Yaizu took of to the visit the hawks home again to study and learn a technique that the thelas monks left behind called Shinsenjutsu. He stayed there for four months before he managed to master it and when he returned people said he looked diffrent more in harony with him self more calm other in the hyuuga clan also noticed the changes in his chakra and chakra network.

However due to recent events Yaizu is now the advisor of the fifth hokage tsunade. Hes not sure himself how this came to be but knowing she is one of the three sannins of konoha and a outstanding medic ninja he accepted the post and now hopes to learn a few things from her. unfortunatly it have also increased his work load however nowdays people say they actually see more of yaizu than they did when he was just a jounin. This might have something to do with the shadow clones yaizu frequently using to keep up with all the work.

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Hyuuga Yaizu (Custom)
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